At Allison’s Chemist we have a trained pharmacist who can offer advice and administer travel vaccinations and prescribe anti-malarial tablets without the need to visit your surgery.

The number of and type of travel injections needed will depend on your vaccination and medical history and also your destinations of travel.  If you can provide an accurate vaccination history it is recommended that you do so.  We consult the Travel Health Pro site, which provides the latest recommendations.  It is important to bear in mind that some vaccinations might be recommended specifically in relation to the types of activity you will be undertaking.  Therefore it is helpful to know what you intend to do on your travels.  Our pharmacist will then carry out a detailed consultation of your travel itinerary and advice you accordingly.

We advise you to have all vaccinations 6 – 8 weeks before travelling if possible.  Vaccines can be given on shorter notice than this, but the early you notify us of your travel the better as it assists us in overcoming any supply issues that can occur from time to time.  If travelling in an emergency then it is still better to have started a vaccination course than not having one at all and some vaccines can be administered on a faster schedule if required.

The total cost depends on which vaccines you’re going to need and how many doses are recommended.  The pharmacist will discuss this with you.

We are not yet a designated Yellow Fever Centre but are happy to advise on whether this is needed for your trip.

Click here for an up to date price list (July 2018).

Useful references

Travel Health Pro

NHS Choices

Vaccine Information

Antimalarials without prescription

We can provide the whole range of antimalarials usually only available on prescription to ensure that you are adequately protected on your travels.  Our trained pharmacist will carry out a consultation to assess your requirements and make a recommendation tailored to you or your family.  We can then provide the medication required there and then without any need to wait.

We are aware that antimalarials can become another cost on top of your trip and that many of you like to shop around.  We are confident that the convenience and competitive prices that we offer will suit most travellers.

The main antimalarial we get asked about is Malarone or it’s generic alternative Atovaquone/Proguanil.  As of july 2018 we charge £2 per tablet.