We have now received our flu jabs for both under 65’s and over 65’s.

Over the last couple few weeks we’ve been getting asked when our annual flu jab service is starting.  Now that the heatwave seems to be behind us it does seem a little bit more appropriate to talk about flu.

This year is going to be interesting to say the least as the NHS have issued new guidelines recommending that different vaccine be used for different patient groups.  This will obviously present logistical challenges to those of us providing the service, but we never shirk a challenge as you know.

It is recommended that all patients 65 years or over receive a vaccine called ‘adjuvant’ flu vaccine (Fluad™️).  This has been found to be more effective than other vaccines in this age group.  All other patients are recommended to receive the four-strain (quadrivalent) vaccine.

We have ordered large quantities of both vaccine so should be able to cater for anyone who wants to have their vaccine with us. It is important to note that the vaccine for over 65’s is being delivered to pharmacies and GP’s in batches in September, October and November, so our first delivery will hopefully see us through to our second delivery in October. Where you choose to have your vaccine is exactly that (your choice). We will continue to run a ‘drop in’ service where no appointment is needed.  Private (4-strain) vaccine will be available to those ineligible for our NHS service for just £10.